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Pop group

The guys from the trio "Muzart" at one time quickly won popular love with their incendiary and beautiful songs. 

Meeting of musicians - Meyrambek Besbaev, Kenzhebek Zhanabilov, Saken Maigaziev in early 2000 led to the creation of a joint project. And for more than 17 years each concert of "MuzART" is held with a huge full house.

Talented soloists perform both pop and folk compositions, united by national color. However, the priority is a retro style. This manner of creative realization attracts fans of different ages. Listeners appreciate the "mosaic" of motifs that intertwine the memory of ancient traditions of the people and elements of contemporary art.

From the first years of the group's existence, the guys have been touring, visiting the cities of Kazakhstan. The performances of the group outside the country were worthily appreciated, "MuzART" was invited to Russia, China and Turkey.

The young singers are not afraid to experiment actively, changing the sound and working with all kinds of instruments. Since 2008, when the cast was expanded to eight people, they have acquired the status of a true vocal and instrumental ensemble.

Vocalists received the title of Honoured Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

      Interesting facts

  1. The name is originally deciphered: "M" - initial letter from the word "music", "UZ" - translated as "modesty" (Old Turkic language), "ART" - a symbol of the mountain peak.
  2. They hold charity performances to help orphanages with money.
  3. A documentary film was made about the history of "MuzART".