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The Musicola Group is one of the most popular bands in the country. Their hits are familiar to almost every Kazakh.

Creative Way

The team consisted of two people: Karina Abdullina (vocal) and Bulat Syzdykov (music). Formation of the group was in 1993, however, she created her first record only three years later. All this time the guys experimented with genres and looked for a suitable style.


The first disc "Girl in a White Dress" produced a real sensation and quickly became the most audible. In 2000 the band Musicola gathered all the songs into another album and called it "I won't forget you". Some tracks from it were played for a long time on TV and radio stations.


Since then, having received universal acclaim and a road to the stage, the duo has toured regularly and released new singles. The repertoire also includes compilations in Kazakh, which include adaptations of already known fairy tales.


In 2016 Bulat passed away. After that Karina suspended her performance for a while.



Interesting facts

  1. Many mistakenly believed that the name does not mean a duet, but a full-fledged singer with a solo career.
  2. In 1996 they won the most prestigious Big Apple Music contest, after which they earned the opportunity to record for free at studios in the U.S.
  3. They have composed more than a hundred songs, and some of them once occupied positions in international charts.