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Murat Nurasylov

Murat Nurasylov

Date of Birth
20.01.1949 (75), Konyr village, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Murat Nurasylov is one of the founders of the Taldykorgan Regional Drama Theatre, the troupe of which is still apart. He played in productions based on works not only by domestic authors but also by world-famous classics. He shot in the Soviet and Kazakh films, took part in TV programs.

Creative way

Cinematographer and Honoured Worker, he began his career in 1975. Immediately after graduating from school in 1967, he entered the State Institute of Theatre and Cinema named after T. Zhurgenov, received an acting profession, after military service he studied at the circus school named after Z. Elebekov.

Since 1980, he has been a member of the creative team of the Academic Drama Theatre named after M.O. Auezov. Among Murat Nurasylov's famous performances:

  • "The Prayer Rug" by Murat Nurasylov;
  • "The Dashing Year";
  • "Corioland";
  • "The Sinner";
  • "And a day lasts longer than a century."
  • "Princess Turandot", etc.

The artist also starred in series and films "Locust" as Nurlik, "Outpost" 2, "Sergalime", "Ornament" "Racketeer" and others. In addition, he often duplicates popular films in Kazakh.

Murat Nurasylov: family life



Interesting facts:

  1. Awarded a medal "10 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan".
  2. He is an honorary figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of cinema art.
  3. Participated in the festival "Theatrical Spring".
  4. Worked on the creation of c/f "Ot", "Yanbeil", "Mahambet", "Aulum-Son", "Baikonur", "Kempir".