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vocal group, sings in the genre of classical crossover

The four talented young men in the group "Mezzo" have an amazing style: when performing popular hits they create a unique synthesis of classical and modern trends in music.

Creative Way

"Mezzo was the first in Kazakhstan to interpret the song material in the format of a classical crossover.

The founder of the quartet is Abdel Mukhtarov. This happened in 2012, after their participation in the "X-Faktor" show. The birth was a triumph. Vocalists immediately became the most discussed among all participants of the TV project. In "Mezzo" guys with the brutal appearance and refined images. They're serious, but you can't help but notice the sparks in their eyes that give off a mischievous temper.

Group composition 

The stage path of Jasulan Sydykov started unusually. The programmer from Kostanay laid out amateur clips in social networks, never thinking about mastering academic singing. Possessing a soft enveloping tenor, he plays an important role as a link between classical vocals and pop performance by other participants.

Zhanibek Seidakhmetov's childhood dream was to qualify for the World Cup. Relatives helped develop his singing skills. Professional education Zhanibek received at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts.


Penetrating voice of Asan Nurbergenov, baritone, charming extraordinary strength and depth. He also dreamed of a career as a football player. Health has made its own adjustments to fate, and the young man conquered the stage Olympus.

The talent of Meyrhan Zhanturganov opened up to four years, it was at this age he first came on stage. He graduated from the Conservatoire and has invaluable experience of a cappella performances.

Interesting facts

  1. Performing covers of the repertoire of famous musicians in several languages Mezzo group turns the concert into fireworks of the holiday.
  2. Subtle taste allows them to breathe in each room their own vision of the melody. The audience’s love of music lovers of Kazakhstan is the guarantee of national recognition.
  3. In 2012, "Mezzo" was awarded the prestigious "Altyn Adam" prize.