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Meir Beinesh

Meir Beinesh

Date of Birth
15.10.1985 (38), Taldy Kurga

Who by a sign of the zodiac

opera performer

Meir Baynesh - performer of the main parts in performances "Astana Opera".                                                               

Creative way

After graduating from the Kurmangazy National Conservatory (2010) with a degree in solo singing, Meir continued his work at the opera and ballet theatre. His career on the stage began in 2004 as an apprentice. In 2007 and 2008 he played in the main composition of the Aksaray Theatre-Musical, and at the end of the season, he returned to the Abai GATOB as a soloist.

Internships with renowned Italian masters of classical vocals were not in vain.

2014 brought him to the Astana Opera Theatre where now Meir Binesh can be heard in concerts and performances.


2005 - Contest of young performers of the republic in the city of Shymkent - Diplomant of I prize;
2007 - KazMF for Shabyt youth - Diplomant of III prize;
2008 - Moscow Medical International "Romansiada" - Diploma of the 1st prize;
2009 - Taraz City, named after N.Tlendiev - Grand Prix;
2011 - the city of Astana, B. Tulegenova - the Diplomat of the III prize;
2015 - Kazan IV M/C chamber singers and concertmasters named after R. Yakhin - Diplomant of the III prize; 
IV Tlendiev Festival "Ozelim" - receives Grand Prix in the category "Classic Vocal";

Meir Beinesh: Family Life

He prefers not to talk about his relationship.

Interesting facts

  1. The artist was part of the group of participants in the premiere of the Shining Astana solemn ode.
  2. His voice was heard in the walls of the famous sites of Toronto, New York, Paris, Rotterdam, and Antwerp.
  3. The leading tenor of Astana Opera, M. Bainesh, was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Kazakhstan" in 2018.