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Marzhan Arapbayeva

Marzhan Arapbayeva

Date of Birth
06.02.1978 (46), Shymkent

Who by the sign of the zodiac

Marzhan Arapbayeva dreamed about the big stage since childhood and not without reason: the little girl had a stunningly sounding voice and perfect hearing. Not resisting her daughter's dream, her parents help her get musical education and take part in the first singing contest - Anshi Balapan.

After graduation, Marzhan Arapbayeva, then a beginner singer, starts a series of competitions:

  • "Young Wing" 2002.
  • "Voice of Asia" 2002.
  • "I International Kazakh Song Contest" 2003.
  • "Shanghai Competition for Beginning Artists".
  • Festival "Vitebsk" 2004.

Marzhan Arapbayeva's songs become a highlight of any concert. Fans all as one mark their touching and deep meaning. Her hit "Armanyma Asygamyn" has collected more than one million likes. The duo of Marzhan Arapbayeva and Kairat Bayekenov "made" the whole country sing: their song "Kyzdar men Zhigitter" led the charts for many weeks. Together she also sang with Saken Maigaziev and Yerkin Maulen.

Marzhan Arapbayeva's work is not limited to a solo career, she also takes part in various shows both as a participant and host. Thus, in the TV program "Good Evening, Astana" she amazed the audience with her expressiveness and strong energy. When Marzhan appeared on the air of "The Third Shift" everyone who asked for her advice and with requests did not go unnoticed.

In addition, Marzhan sings in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the National Guard of Kazakhstan. As the artist, herself says - she is unbound, but now discipline and punctuality in her blood.

Personal life

Not much is known about her, only that a few years ago Marzhan Arapbayeva got married for the second time. She is the mother of two daughters and one son.