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Mad Men

Mad Men


October 20, 2017.

Q-pop group

"Mad Men" consists of 5 singers.  In translation from English, the name can be interpreted as "madmen". The boyband has its own fandom, existing under the name "Mad Wave", which means "mad wave".

Creative Way

Kazakh performers represent modern musical genre Q-pop. The creative team is promoted under the leadership of the MM Entertainment label, in which the band members were trained before the beginning of their careers.           

The debut of "Mad Men" took place in 2017, with the release of the first video "Take the Jacquinda", which was warmly received by the audience. Fans began to appear in social networks and the number of fans began to grow.

Each soloist has a different role and has a nickname:

  1. Roman Pak - Aron, the leader, is the only speaker.
  2. Tin Hi-Lun - Hi is a singing dancer.
  3. Abdraliev Erasil - Yang - Makne, that is, the youngest.
  4. Masakbai Rahat - Rem is the lead vocalist.
  5. Ibraimov Alimurad - Mura - soloist.

Previously Timur Kurmangaliyev was a member of "Mad Man", but due to unknown circumstances, he terminated the contract.

At present the guys are active in the Internet space, having an official account on Instagram. News about upcoming performances is published here.  The last comeback "Mad Men" was made on May 5, 2019, with the song "Ulala".

Interesting facts

  1. All young men are of different nationalities.
  2. One of the videos received more than 1 million views during the week, which is a record for MM Entertainment.
  3. They write the lyrics for the songs themselves.
  4. The guys have excellent choreographic data. In the past, it helped them to perform cover dances on tracks of famous Korean band BTS.