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Lyazzat Kaldybekova

Lyazzat Kaldybekova

Date of Birth
08.11.1988 (35), Taubai-ata settlement, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign


Lyazzat Kaldybekova is talented in everything. In 2011, the girl won the beauty contest in the Republic of Kazakhstan, after which she managed to build a successful career as an actress. It is true that in cinema the model is practically not filmed, but on the stage comes out with enviable regularity and is not afraid to depict characters with negative characters.  

Creative Way

Lyazzat graduated from Yassaui School No. 123 in Almaty in 2004. After receiving her diploma, she entered the Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov. As a student, she took part in productions of the Auezov Theatre, and in the 4th year, she was on the full schedule.

Among the most prominent images in the performances of Lyazzat Kaldybekova can be distinguished:

  • A magician in "Abai";
  • Zuleikha in "Khoja Nasreddin is still alive";
  • Galiya in "The Possessed";
  • Sagynysh in "The Sorrow of My Love."
  • Bakey in the drama of the same name.

Lyazzat believes that any role is worthy, the poet boldly agrees to play a marginal role. Thus, in "That's Life" she played a woman without a certain place of residence.

Lyazzat Kaldybekova: Family Life

She was married to singer Zaire, had a son in marriage. However, the relationship did not work out despite the fact that the couple tried to reunite several times. Today she lives alone and raises her own child.


Interesting facts:

  1. Winner of the "Serper" award (2015).
  2. Received a commendation in the category "Best Stage Duo" (2015).
  3. Winner of the "Miss Kazakhstan-2011" competition.
  4. She starred in the TV series "Tauekel" (2018).