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Pop music

KeshYOU band is the most famous Kazakh girls' band in the genre of pop music, which many times received the title of "Best Women's Group". For 13 years of its existence, it has been replaced by nine soloists, many of whom have started a successful solo career.

Creative path

In 2006, actress, TV host and producer Bayan Alaguzova launched a project called KeshYOU, which consisted of Marzhan Medybaeva, Zumrad Garayeva, and Anel Garinova. This trio has been performing under the name SAF for two years now. And Moldir Auelbekova came to replace Mendybaeva, who was then married.

In 2008, the band leaves Zumrad Garayev and Aida Smagulova joins the ranks, which is almost immediately replaced by Naila Zaitova. In 2 years Kamshat Zholdybayeva comes instead of Naila Zaitova.  In 2012 the band is left without time-tested vocalists Anel Garinova and Meldir Auelbekova. Zholdybayeva's company consists of Zhanar Dugalova and Aidan Medenova. This composition is considered the best in the history of the group.  In 2014 Meldir Auelbekova will return for a couple of months instead of Zhanar Dugalova, who left the group, but health problems prevent her from working. Zhuldyz Omirgali appears in the trio. Then again a new staff rotation - Kamshat Zholdybayeva and Aidana Medenova leave. Now the group is Akbota Seitmagambet, Balzhan Bidash, and J. Omirgali. On May 24, 2016, the KeshYOU concert dedicated to the 10th anniversary took place. 


At which KeshYOU sang their most popular songs:

  • "Sugir";
  • "Aliya";
  • "Sugirdin Thermesi";
  • "Kelshi ayim."
  • "Ademi Kyz."
  • "Asykpa" and others.

2017 brought new changes - the trio became a quartet. Balzhan Bidash remained from the old line-up. The rest are former Lashyn members Sarah Amangeldy with Elizat Berikova and Nazim Abildin from the duo LUPIL.

In 2018 Elizat Berikova left the group. The new performer is Akbotha Kurmangali, and Lyazzat Sultanova, Balausa Yergalina, and Nargiz Altabai are coming.

Interesting facts

  1. The first works were in Russian - "Mama", "100 Days of Love" and "Persona".
  2. We took the 1st place at "Eastern Bazaar" in 2010.
  3. The team has more than 20 clips in its arsenal.