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Irina Nekrasova

Irina Nekrasova

Date of Birth
01.03.1988 (36), Vladimirovka, Kustanai region, Kazakhstan

On the sign of the zodiac


Irina Nekrasova is a Kazakhstani athlete engaged in weightlifting. Honored Master of Sports - this title was awarded for her contribution to the development of her field.

Creative Way

She did gymnastics as a child, but the coach quickly transferred her to weightlifting because they saw the potential. In her first competition, she took fourth place.
In 2008, she took part in the Beijing Olympics, where she won a silver medal. This achievement is the main one in her career. The next year, her place in the national team was taken by Maya Maneza, who had the best performance.
In 2016 she was investigated and found to have been doping at competitions in China. As a result, she was suspended from performing at the national level. She is now awaiting permission to return to prestigious tournaments.

Irina Nekrasova: family life

While she was growing up in a boarding school, she met a guy Vladimir, with whom she started an affair. She started training with him, her husband also does barbell lifting. The wedding was played in 2006. The couple just signed in front of witnesses, and then went home.

Interesting facts

  1. The weight is 63 kg and height is 168 cm.
  2. At the moment he is studying at the Faculty of Law of the University of Kokshetau.
  3. In local competitions, he represents the Akmola region, where he continues to practice to this day.