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Ilya Averbukh

Ilya Averbukh

Date of Birth
18.12.1983 (40), Moscow, Russia

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figure skater, director

Averbukh Ilya Honored Master of Sports, outstanding director, and talented coach. He is multiple winners of the highest awards and has organized his own TV projects, the popularity of which has not surpassed anyone else.

Creative path

The first mentor of Ilya the star was Jeanne Gromov. Originally he trained as a "solo", but at 13 years old after his rapid growth (13 cm) it was decided to move him to pair skating. That's where he stayed.
For the first time in paired with Maria Anisimova, he became the world winner among juniors. However, a misunderstanding with her did not allow them to continue training together.
Since 1992, his partner was Irina Lobacheva. It was with her that he moved to the USA in 1995, where he continued to prepare for competitions. They were second at the 2002 Olympics, became European champions and silver medallists at the World Championships. In 2004, the partners decided to end their careers.
Already in 2004, Ilya Averbukh realized a long dream and created a unique ice show - a theatrical performance on the ice, in which famous and titled athletes perform. Under his leadership, TV projects "Stars on Ice", "Ice Age", "Professional Cup", "Bolero" and others are held with great success on Channel One.

Ilya Averbukh: personal life

He was married to Irina Lobacheva (from 1995 to 2007), has a common son. Later he was assigned novels with other colleagues, but is currently not officially married.

Interesting facts

  1. Two years in a row he was not admitted to the sports section due to lack of ability in this sport.
  2. In 2008, he received the TEFI award for organizing a successful television project.