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Ensemble «Igeru»

Ensemble «Igeru»



Academic music

«Igeru» is an ensemble "pushing" the idea of modern classics. Its director is Sanzhar Baiterekov, a talented graduate of Tchaikovsky College. The concert program often includes serial and spectral works.

Creative Way

The music coming from the heart is always filled with love and warmth. These are the feelings that the ensemble members want to convey to people.


The association of musicians took place on the basis of the Kazakh Conservatory named after Kurmangazy. The guys decided to play not only European instruments (flute, violin, clarinet, etc.), but also connect the national Kyl-kobyz with a unique timbre. For a long time, the ensemble performed on the territory of the post-Soviet space. Then they started touring abroad. In 2018, the talented artists collaborated with Matskovic in his famous performance.


Over time, the ensemble has established close cooperation with Safronov, Tarnopol, and Murray. The philosophy of the Igeru is to promote his work as a revelation of the soul: each person is worthy to understand the true meaning of life.

The Igeru: the composition

Damir Butrikitbayev, Albert Akhmetov, Sabina Atageldieva, Mira Tulenova, Guicel Bayuzakova, Togzhan Karatai, Aidar Kuspanov.

Interesting facts

  1. Behind the shoulders of the creative association, there are international projects on large venues (chamber opera in ARTISHOK, large-scale performance in Bishkek and Moscow).
  2. The ensemble «Igeru» gave a concert as part of the festival «Nayzur XXI», taking as a basis works of domestic composers.