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HammAli & Navai

HammAli & Navai




The band staked on deeply felt, deeply meaningful texts. If you want to think about the course of existence and the real background of many common situations, listen to the band HammAli & Navai. They are distinguished by a powerful, sometimes aggressive manner of performance.

Creative Way

The duo was created by Alexander Aliyev and Nawai Bakirov, ethnic Azeris. The guys started to be interested in art back in school. From 2011 to 2016 each of them had a solo career, but after meeting them decided to unite and almost immediately, in June 2016, recorded a composition under the intriguing title "Day in the Calendar". When they released their debut songs they were very afraid that the rude sound would not appeal to the listeners.

After that the band started to work hard and once in a few months they released a hit. In 2017 they presented the songs "I don't want to fly" and "Love of Cold" with a difference of only 5 days.

Now they have 2 studio albums, clips in their discography. Some HammAli & Navai songs were released together with:

  • Bahh Tee;
  • Loc-Dog;
  • Jonny.

Tandem is active and performing. Listeners are looking forward to new soulful singles from their favorite performers, and the tracks are surely in the top ten of the most famous charts.

Interesting facts

  1. The biographies of the participants are strikingly similar - they come from the same country, who moved to Moscow with their parents.
  2. The guys are looking for true love and are fighting for strong family ties.
  3. They actively cooperate with other performers, for example, the authors of "NoTa" are ZEUS and MUZZA.
  4. The songs of HammAli & Navai have recently been actively complemented by video clips.