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Fatima Sagimbekova

Fatima Sagimbekova

Date of Birth
04.03.1989 (35), Alma-Ata

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Fatima Sagimbekova is a young talented artist who has proved herself on stage as a charismatic and creative person.

Creative path

The attraction to art manifested itself in a girl as a child. She gladly performed at matinees, sang, danced, participated in skits. She received her education at the Ekaterinburg State Theatre Institute by profession": "Actor of theater and cinema", "TV presenter".

In 2016 she came to work in Almaty Theatre and Theatre Institute named after Natalia Satz. Fatima Sagimbekova decorates the performances in which she is involved. Spectators know her from the role of Marusi Pospelova in "The Tale of Lost Time", a kitten in "Cat House", Flea in "Fly-Zokotukh", Malvinas in "Golden Cranberry", the daughter of Lesoruba in "Star Boy" and others.

Fatima Sagimbekova: Family Life

The young artist is married. A couple has a little daughter.


Interesting facts:

  1. Honor the traditions of his people and treat the elders with special respect.
  2. He thinks that family is the most important thing in life. It actively tours and takes part in various events.
  3. In his spare time, he prefers to travel with his family and discover new places.