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Eugene Egemberdiev

Eugene Egemberdiev

Date of Birth
09.02.1985 (39), Taraz

On a sign of the zodiac

Eugene Egemberdiev’s example for many boys. Today Eugene is in the "top", but in order to achieve this level of success, he worked on himself for many years.

Creative way

At the age of 8 little Yevgeny Egemberdiev went into sports thanks to his grandfather Sadykbek, who brought him to his friend for training. Despite his poor health and weight problems, he did not give up training and went hard to the goal. In 7 years, he became a master of sports in boxing in Kazakhstan. There was a period when Evgeniy wanted to quit everything. He went to Almaty and worked in the Southern Capital for a year. After a while, the wrestler returned to Taraz and continued training with Serik Tolykbaev.

Evgeniy started his career in MMA from the "Taraz fight" club. "Alash Pride" was a dream that was destined to come true in 2015. Battles of Eugene Egemberdiev always attract a lot of spectators. At the moment he has already had 11 fights, 9 of which were won and only 2 were defeated. The sportsman participated in the Absolute Championship Berkut, AP promotion tournaments. His rivals in the ring were Murodbek Azimov, Mark Dronov, Vladimir Makarov.

Eugene Egemberdiev: family life

Their relationship is not covered either in the press or on social media pages.

Interesting facts

  1. Eugene Egemberdiev doubted his choice of a sports career and took a year off from training.
  2. The wrestler has a talisman - grandfather skullcap, he puts it on every time before going to the fight.
  3. A whole group of friends was thinking about wrestler's nickname. The decision was made after a question about his ethnicity because he's mixed blood.