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Date of Birth
18.11.1993 (30), Sumgait, Azerbaijan

Real name
Elman Zeynalov

Zodiac sign

During several years of his musical career, singer ELMAN has managed to fall in love with his music by thousands of fans.

Creative path

As a child and youth, Elman did not think about music, but once on stage, he finally decided to become a singer. Audience recognition inspired him to create songs in rap and RnB styles.

After 2013 all ELMAN's energy was spent on interaction with fans and career development: he often gives concerts in the southeast of Russia, meets famous personalities of show business, cooperates and performs with popular stars (Maria Gray, Ayshot, Ani Lorak, Jah Khalib, Jigan). His compositions are heard at festivals, radio and are released. In 2016 the artist released his debut video "Rostov-Don". He successfully creates ELMAN cover songs, then gets even more love from listeners. He shoots infamous blog stories.

The year 2017 was marked for Elman Zeynalov by his success at the TV project "Factory of Stars", where his new hits are born. It was this show that opened up the whole musical potential of the performer, he appeared before the audience in a completely different role and with different genres.

In recent years the singer has been working on the release of his complete collection.

ELMAN: family life

Repeatedly, Elman Zeynalov, an ordinary guy from a small town, was heartbroken. So even being at the peak of fame, surrounded by crowds of fans, Elman is in no hurry to open. Right now, he's looking for the one.

Interesting facts

  1. Although he is an Azerbaijani by ELMAN nationality, he does not know his native language as he lived with his parents in Rostov from an early age.
  2. Elman is very self-critical, he believes that no matter how popular he may be, he always has a place to grow up and something to strive for.
  3. A couple of months before the planned wedding, Elman was abandoned by his sweetheart.