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A lot of singers started their creative way, having visited "Empire of Stars" and the "Domino" band is not an exception. It was she who won the TV project in 2005. Their hats are known to the whole Kazakhstan: "Our Shop", "Fairy", "For You", "Separation", "A Drop of Poison". 

Creative Way

Combining the efforts of Anton Fos, Zakir Egemberdiev and Choplan Beisenova became one team, which was given a resounding name, but not in honor of a popular board game, but from the pseudonyms of the artists. They put together the initial letters and got a beautiful memorable name - "Do-Mi-No".

While they were making the first clip, they had to work hard. But "Ayimai" was recognized as an exploding bomb. Soon their voices were heard from almost all radio stations and each time the Domino concert gathered more and more fans of their work.

The young participants built not only careers but families as well. There were replacements in the cast. Anton left, having decided to sing solo. Jeric took his place and offered to expand his repertoire with songs in English. However, he also left the trio when he got married. A couple of years later Domino's band appeared on stage with Ahmet, a gifted dancer.

Domino's band: family life

Choplan is married, she's raising Dinmuhammed's son with Miras' wife. Zakir is proud of her fatherhood. He grows up with two sons.


Interesting facts

  1. "Domino" received the EMA-2014 award from MUZONE TV channel, winning the prestigious nomination "Group of the Year".
  2. When the contract with Marlen Nurmagambetov ended, Zakir was unanimously elected the producer.
  3. The song "Ayimai" is a business card, sounding at all their performances.