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Danagul Temirsultanova

Danagul Temirsultanova

Date of Birth
09.05.1964 (60), Kaztalovsky district, Kazakh SSR

Zodiac sign


Danagul Temirsultanova celebrated her creative anniversary not so long ago. For 30 years she has been pleasing her admirers with various roles in films and plays.

Creative path

In the 2nd half of the ‘80s, she graduated from the Art Institute, after which she got a job at the theater named after Auezov. There Danagul Temirsultanova put the films on the back burner and took upstaging.

It was only in the 2000s that she began to appear actively on television and in films. Viewers liked her expression and talent, which opened the way for her to many projects. The last film in which Danagul starred was Wedding for Three, released in 2015. Nothing is yet known about new work in cinema.

Danagul Temirsultanova: family life

He has been married to actor Azat Seitmetov for over 20 years. The spouses met on filming, after which they started a stormy romance. They are considered an exemplary couple, because never in the public were advertised their scandals or problems. They bring up Ayim's daughter, who also tries her hand at the cinema. Her debut was the series "Zhibek".

Interesting facts:

  1. Made his debut in the movie "At the pass", 15 years did not star in a big movie. All this time she played in theatrical performances.
  2. She received the title "Honored Worker of Kazakhstan" for her creative contribution to the development of the country.
  3. Most young people are known as the host of "Zhar-Zhar" show, where single people try to build relationships with strangers.