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Damir Ismagulov

Damir Ismagulov

Date of Birth
03.02.1991 (33), settlement Udarny in Pervomaisky district, Orenburg region, Russia

On the sign of the zodiac

Funny style fighter in the lightweight category

Damir Ismagulov was born in a Kazakh family near Orenburg and could well become not a fighter but a farmer. But with perseverance and diligence, he proved that even from a tiny village one can get into UFC. 

The sporting path

As a teenager, Damir did not associate his future with combat discipline. Things changed when one day he went to the Eastern Martial Arts section for a company with a comrade, and a month later he won his first fight. Then the victories sprinkled one after another. After a series of brilliant battles, Damir decided to try his hand at professional wrestling. His debut took place in 2014 in Orenburg, and later Ismagulov signed a contract with the M1 league.

After another success in M1, Damir took the microphone and demanded from the ring the title fight from the organizers. The grounds for this were weighty: eight victories in nine games. The battle for the title of M1 lightweight champion took place in 2017, and after a difficult triumph, Damir managed to defend the gold belt twice. Damir Ismagulov fights very aggressively, with direct kicks, which makes him very popular among spectators. In 2018, he took the next step - he moved to UFC. So far, he has performed three times in the most prestigious sports organization without a defeat.

Damir Ismagulov: Family life

In 2017 Damir promised to marry in case of victory in the title battle, but since then there has been no official information about the wedding or about his chosen one.

Interesting facts

  1. After winning the debut UFC battle, Damir entered the octagon with two flags at once: Russian and Kazakh. He explained that this was a tribute to the country he grew up in and the historic homeland of his ancestors.
  2. Damir Ismagulov is one of the most popular athletes in Kazakhstan: over 180,000 people have signed up for his Instagram.
  3. Damir often comes back to his native village to meet his relatives.