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Bolat Zhumadilov

Bolat Zhumadilov

Date of Birth
22.04.1973 (51), Taraz

At the sign of the zodiac

Boxer Bolat Zhumadilov is an Honored Worker of the Motherland. During his professional career, he performed in the lightest weight category and won eight medals of different degrees.

Creative way

Since childhood, Bolat was fond of sports and attended a boxing section. Quite quickly the coach began to try it in competitions, where he managed to take awards. At the end of the 80s, he first appeared at international tournaments, where he won the prize very soon.
In the early 2000s, he finished sports performances and took up with the growing up athletes with whom he had already managed to succeed and lead some to the first places.

Bolat Zhumadilov: awards

The Olympic champion can boast a huge number of medals. He owns silver, two bronzes and three gold medals from international competitions. And he has won most of his significant trophies in recent years. All this he's earned in an area where people under 51 kg sparring. And at the championship in Tehran, he even held fights in the classification to 48 kg, where he took the leading position.
Also in recognition of his achievements, the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded Zhumadilov with orders for achievements in sports.

Interesting facts

  1. Despite its small mass, it has a dense and muscular body.
  2. Now actively trains young people and tries to achieve international success with them.
  3. Although he was considered an amateur athlete, he won more cups than many professionals in his field.