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Berik Aitzhanov

Berik Aitzhanov

Date of Birth
11.03.1979 (45), Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

An outstanding film actor has changed many directions before he realized his calling. Following the results of 2018 Berik was awarded the title of the winner of the Prize of the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the nomination "Cinematography".

Creative Way

In 1999, he entered the KazNAI named after T. Zhurgenov, specialty "Actor of musical drama". The first role was played by Laert from the production of "Hamlet" on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater.

Work in the cinema began with the role of Caltai in "The Wolf's Hour", then there was filming in the series "The Outpost" and "Mustafa Chokai". The main role played in the movie Yegor Konchalovsky "The Real Colonel. At the premiere of this film, in the mall "Keruen" was attended by Nursultan Nazarbayev. Also, Berik Aitzhanov can be seen in films:

  • "Oralu";
  • "In Search of the Cover";
  • "The Voice of the Steppes";
  • "The love of a tractor driver."
  • "Brothers 2" and others.

Berik Aitzhanov: family life

Married and raising two children. In a statement by the artist himself, one of the journalists of a popular channel - "I value my family and knowingly prepared for success with women. There is no home phone in my new apartment, I change my mobile number all the time". Due to the busy schedule and demand, it rarely appears in people surrounded by family.

Interesting facts:

  1. They didn’t join the army because they were underweight.
  2. One of the professions is bartending in a cafe.
  3. Duplicated Johnny Depp into Kazakh in "The Lone Ranger".