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Bekzat Sattarkhanov

Bekzat Sattarkhanov

Date of Birth
04.04.1980, Turkestan
Date of death
31.12.2000 (20)

On a sign of the zodiac

For the short life, Bekzat Sattarkhanov has received some awards in half lightweight and has forever entered the name in the history of boxing. It is still being actively discussed what heights the athlete would have achieved if he had been alive at the moment.

Creative way

Since childhood, Sattarkhanov began to be fond of boxing and take classes in it. In his youth he was already practicing at the amateur level and took part in tournaments, giving high hopes. Soon it became clear that an excellent fighter could grow out of him.
In 1998, he was called to perform at national competitions, where he immediately showed himself no worse than most opponents. But before he really showed himself, as in 2000, 15 minutes before the advent of the XXI century, he had an accident and crashed to death. At that moment he was driving from Turkestan to a neighboring city and could not cope with management on the winter road.

Bekzat Sattarkhanov: achievements

The first, professionally significant event was the Asian Championship in 1998, where he took the silver. Then he took second place at the World and Asian Championships three times in a row.
But the following year he had already won the final of the Central Asian competition. In 2000, he won the Grand Prix Cup and the Olympic Games.

Interesting facts

  1. In 2005, a stamp was issued with the image of Beczat, which shows a portrait in profile and a picture from the final duel, which brought gold at the Olympics 2000.
  2. He spent his entire career at lightweight, up to 57 kilograms.
  3. He studied at the Yassavi International Kazakh-Turkish University.