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Aziz Beyshenaliev

Aziz Beyshenaliev

Date of Birth
15.03.1971 (53), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Zodiac sign

Aziz Beyshenaliev - actor, director, was born in the family of the popular Kyrgyz actor Beyshanaliev Bolot. He studied at Tashkent State University, specialty - "Linguist of Eastern languages".


Creative path

Before becoming famous, he tried his hand at the most incredible role - hippies, a Chinese philology student, and a hired worker. He studied at the studio of the Ostrovsky Theatre and Art Institute at the Tashkent State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after M.V. Pushkin. From 1994 to 1997, he worked at the Theatre of Modern Choreography "Lik".

Aziz Beyshenaliev has more than 45 films on his account, among them:

  • "Children of the Sun";
  • "Mustafa Shokai";
  • "The Almighty";
  • "The Weekly";
  • "Faster than yourself."
  • "Unbroken."
  • "There are no exes."
  • "The Story of the Pilot."
  • "On the Way to Heart," et al.

At present, he is also involved in theatrical productions in Almaty: the play " Uyat" and "New Times" ("ARTISHOK").

Family life

He's not married now. He has Seitech's only son who's being raised alone. He tries not to spread the word about his relationship. He has a sister.

Interesting facts


1. The first film work with participation - "Buyuk Amir Temur.

2. Played Colonel of Japanese Counterintelligence and Charlie Chaplin.

3. It is flowing Uzbek, Turkmen, Bashkir and Tatar blood.