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Date of Birth
19.01.2001 (23), Kyiv

Present name
Andro Kuznetsov

Who by horoscope

Thanks to the combination of gypsy voice and modern rap singer ANDRO quickly gained popularity. The charismatic performer captures not only the top lines of radio charts but also girls' hearts.

Creative Way

ANDRO was born in a gypsy family in Ukraine and at the age of nine, he realized that he wanted to become a professional musician. Despite his young age, ANDRO's parents fully supported him and even allowed him to leave school after sixth grade. The young man received his musical education at Open Music Studio and since then he has been able to play guitar, piano, and drums, so ANDRO records songs himself. The artist's first compositions were inspired by folk music as well as the works of Timbaland, 2Pac, Bruno Mars and even Aerosmith.

With the idea of creating a label, he came to his oldest friend Elman. They called a mutual friend of Jony's, called themselves RAAVA Music and started working together. ANDRO's fame came from the track "Alien", posted on the internet in 2016. By 2019 the musician gathered material for his solo album "Moon flame" and went on a Russian tour together with his label colleagues.

ANDRO: family life

ANDRO is only eighteen years old and he doesn't think about family yet. In a recent interview for a radio station, ANDRO mentioned that "his heart is busy", which upset thousands of fans. 

Interesting facts

It was Andro who sang the chorus in the song "Santa Lucia" by Quest Pistols Show at the age of 13, although it was originally supposed that a girl should sing.
Experience of performing on stage with the band Open Kids, where, apart from him, there were five girls.
Although his main hit "Alien" was recorded in 2016, the clip was not made until 2019.