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Alisher Yergali

Alisher Yergali

Date of Birth
12.04.1999 (25), Almaty

Who by the sign of the zodiac


Alisher Yergali - a young freestyle wrestler. Already now many famous colleagues call him the most promising wrestler in Kazakhstan.

Athletic Way

He made a name for himself in sports in April 2019: he won the competition in Warsaw and took the bronze of the Asian Championship. In the same year, Alisher moved from the youth team to the adult team in order to get the necessary preparation for the upcoming important fights.

Thanks to his hard work, national team coaches decided that Alisher Yergali should represent Kazakhstan in the 97kg class. Battles at the tournament did not bring the athlete any medals but gave him experience and an Olympic license that will allow him to compete in Tokyo in 2020.

In his first fight, he defeated Japanese Naoya Akagum 11-1, then was stronger than German Eric Sven Til (2-1) and Mongolian Batzul Ulzisaikhan. In the semi-finals, Alisher met three-time world champion Abdulrashid Sadullayev and lost 1:8. He also failed to win the third-place fight against Macedonian Magomedgadzhi Nurov.

Alisher Yergali: family life

There's no available information about a fighter's private life.

Interesting facts

  1. Olympic champion Abdulrashid Sadullayev praised Yergali after meeting with him in the semi-final of the world championship.
  2. While still in the youth squad, he sparred with five-time world champion Hajimurat Hatsalov.
  3. He dreams of winning the Olympics and glorifying his homeland.