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Touring scene GARTD them. Lermontov

Theater repertoire

Address: Almaty, Abai Avenue 43.

Metro: Abai station.

Distance from the station: 700 meters.

Cash desk: 8 (727) 267-31-31.

Administration: 8 (727) 267-31-45.

Cash register: from the side of Abylai Khan Avenue

Entrance to the theatre: from Abai Avenue.

Parking: along Abylai Khan Avenue, opposite the theater.

Bicycle parking: along Abylai Khan Avenue, before reaching Kurmangazy Street, on the right side.

Canteen: in place.

Lermontov Theatre is the standard of aesthetics and culture in Almaty. It was founded in 1933 by such masters as Yuri Rutkovsky, V. Zeldin, Z. Morskaya, E. Kruchinina, E. Diordiev, and others. Taking the bar high, the theatre in the early years pleased the audience with 7-8 premieres a year and almost immediately mastered the entire Russian classics of drama. In 1964 he was named after a great poet in honor of his 150th birthday. Ten years later, after a successful tour, he was recognized as an academic poet. In subsequent years, the Lermontov Russian Drama Theatre was awarded various prizes for its invaluable contribution to the development of culture and aesthetic self-awareness of the people.

Lermontov Theatre Repertoire

Throughout its existence, the Lermontovsky Theatre has presented about 500 productions to the audience. These included both children's and adult productions. The main motive in them is the study from the artistic point of view of the moral component of man and his essence. One of the last premieres is this: Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare, The Finist of the Clear Falcon by N. Kolyada, and Masquerade by M. Lermontov. Schedule of the Russian Drama Theatre named after A. Griboyedov and Masquerade by M. Lermontov. You can find Lermontov's schedule on the Ticketon website.

In 2008, the building itself was completely renovated. The Lermontov Theatre was equipped with the most modern technological equipment, lighting and sound devices. The air-conditioning system was renewed. Comfortable conditions were created in the large and small hall, which can accommodate 846 people at a time.

ГАРТД им. М.Ю.Лермонтова

Leading actors in the theater

The poster of the Lermontov Theatre in Almaty is full of famous names of masters of the highest class. Among them is the director Ruben Surenovich Andriasyan and such famous actors of our time as:

  • Balayev G. Н.
  • Banchenko T.P.
  • Boychenko G.M.
  • Gantseva M. Yu.
  • Grishko V.A.
  • Zhmenetskaya N. Л.
  • Lebsak I.M.
  • Pomerantsev Yu.B.

In step with the times.

It is worth noting that in Kazakhstan, the Lermontov Theatre became the first theatre to launch online ticketing. He did it through our service - Ticketon. And today, you can buy a ticket to the theater for a performance on a selected day for a suitable session with us. To pay, use any convenient way for you.

The Lermontov Drama Theatre is waiting for you in the new season of theatre with an extensive program of classical and contemporary stage works