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Astana Ballet

Address: Astana, Uly Dala Ave., 43.

Theater contacts: +7 7172 62-12-12 - Cash register, +7 7172 62-12-00 - Reception, 8 (7172) 62-12-83

Bus stop: Kazakh National Academy of Choreography.

Distance: 330 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Uly Dala Avenue.

Parking: two ground parking lots on the left and right side of the theater for 60 seats. Free.
Check-in from Akmeshit Street and Turkestan Street.

Astana Ballet

Astana Ballet

The Astana Ballet Theater was founded in 2012 on the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The Astana Ballet Theater gathered the best graduates of the Almaty Choreographic School named after A. Seleznev on its stage. In order to form their own individual style and image that could be presented to the audience, the troupe worked for a whole year to combine classical traditions with new trends in modern and folk choreography. It was a time of intense rehearsals, searching for his handwriting and creating new productions.

In July 2013, the first premiere took place and it immediately became clear that the Astana Ballet Theater was not just accepted by the audience, but also loved by them.

Спектакли в Астана Балет

To date, the theater team has many fans in Kazakhstan and abroad and grandiose plans for the future.

Performances in Astana Ballet

Acquiring individual traits

Астана Балет в Астане

The diverse repertoire of the Astana Ballet Theater is its characteristic feature. It is constantly updated with the creations of Russian and world classics, as well as original choreographic productions.

In different periods, such famous choreographers as Gulzhan Tutkibayeva, Aigul Tati, Altynai Asylmuratova, Mukaram Avakhri, Nikolai Markelov, Nikita Dmitrievsky, Patrick de Lacroix, Nannette Glushak, Paul Gordon Emerson and Ricardo Amarante collaborated with Astana Ballet and each of them contributed to the formation of a unique image of the theater.

He is in a leading position among Kazakhstani ballet companies and has a stormy touring life. In a short period, the Astana Ballet Theater presented its repertoire in such cities as St. Petersburg, Vienna, Moscow and Paris. The theater team is constantly in creative search, trying new images and putting bold experiments.

Astana Ballet in Astana

The repertoire of the theater
Despite the short period of the theater's existence, the repertoire of "Astana Ballet" is full of variety and is supplemented annually with fresh premieres. The repertoire includes classics like Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker and Shchedrin's Carmen Suite, performances based on Kazakh folklore, and modern productions. The Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, which trains Kazakh ballet dancers, also operates in the theater building. 

You can get acquainted with the repertoire of the theater and order tickets by following the link