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Asem Kopbayeva

Asem Kopbayeva

Date of Birth
21.07.1981 (42), Zhayrem, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Asem Kopbayeva is an extraordinary and creative domestic actress.

Artistic Way

Asem Kopbayeva graduated from Hollywood School in Moscow. Then she entered Almaty Variety and Circus College, where she studied vocal art. Then she became a student of acting VGIK and in 2006 received a bachelor's degree. After that, she started acting in movies. Asem Kopbayev can be seen in films:

  • "Four Loves";
  • "Attention, Moscow speaks";
  • "Deribas";
  • "A man who knew everything."

In addition to participating in films, she plays in theatrical productions:

  • "The Tram "Desire"."
  • "The Devils."
  • "Lady Macbeth."
  • "A Month in the Country";
  • "It's quite simple for every wise man."

Asem Kopbayeva: family life

Asem has four sisters Alina, Janel, Aizire, Jansaiah and a loving husband.


Interesting facts:

  1. I like to listen to the music of different styles, among its favorites: Pink Floyd, LED ZEPPELIN, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles.
  2. She loves to travel and has already visited many parts of our vast planet.
  3. She has a passion for learning everything new and unusual.
  4. She values and loves her family very much. For her, family and their interests are sacred.  Like all oriental people, she has great respect for her parents and elders.