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Address: Semey, the square of Abay.

Contact number: 8 7222 56 34 68.

The theatrical life of the Semey is amazing because three groups work under the roof of one Melpomene Temple, including the Dariga-ai Youth Theatre. In 2019, the theatre will celebrate its 20th anniversary. It is a good age for a creative environment, especially since the Dariga-ai theatre has reached considerable heights during this time. But about everything in order.

In 1999, through the efforts of professors D. Turankulova and M. Omarbekova, writer T. Ibragimov, teacher M. Aleparova and A. Aitibaev were organized youth theater in Semey. The dedication with which the actors approached their work allowed them to win the love of the audience from the first staging. Now the schedule of the theater includes:

  • tragedies;
  • comedies;
  • tragedies; comedies; dramas;
  • children's performances.

At first, they were based on the proven works of playwrights, and then began to be added more modern works of Kazakh authors, do not bypass the classics here.   

To confirm its professionalism, the Dariga-ai theatre participates in various international and national competitions and festivals.  And at the moment it has more than 7 awards in its piggy bank.

The playbill of the Dariga-ai Youth Theatre in Semey

It is pleasant to surprise - this is the main principle of Dariga-ai troupe's work and it should be noted that she is doing well. For example, the production of "Richard III" which was directed by D. Kunanbai. The performance pleased the audience with new scenery and format: the hall was attended by only 150 people. Thanks to this, it was possible to watch the production from three sides. 

A neighborhood with the Russian Drama Theatre named after Kunanbai. The Dostoyevsky Russian Drama Theatre and the Kazakh Musical Theatre n.a. M.A. Dostayev. Abai also made its mark. The actors' joint work is very popular with the public.  Today, the repertoire of the Semipalatinsk Youth Theatre includes the following works:

  • "Soldier of Ketty Sogysk" by K. Tokayev;
  • "Romeo Men Juliet" by U. Shakespeare;
  • "Mahabbat Araly А. Tauasarov;
  • "S. Marshak and others.

Artists of the theater arrange improvisations and performances and outside the theater. Literally in the square in front of it, and touring the country.

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