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Address: Tauelsyzdyk Street, 114.

Contact number: 54-73-10
54-11-51, 54-39-56

Bus stop: Palace of Sports station.

Distance from the station: 150 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Tauelsyzdyk Street.

Parking: ground parking in front of the shopping center for 150 cars. It is free of charge. Entrance from the side of Kamshat Donenbayeva Street.

Not every theatre can boast that it was visited twice by the President of the Republic, but the Kostanai Regional Kazakh Drama Theatre named after I. Omarov can! It happened during the official opening in 2000 and when the drama theater moved to new, own premises in 2012 Also from the Head of State initiated to give the theater the name of the outstanding figure Ilyas Omarov.

Костанайский театр им. И.Омарова


To the victories without delay

The theatre has actively entered the country's life by regularly touring its regions. The troupe has visited Astana, Karaganda, Shymkent and Pavlodar with creative visits. In addition, in the period from 2001 to 2008, the company did not miss a single national theater festival and won the following awards:

  • «Best male role» by K. Begaidarov;
  • «For Best Stage Design», it was awarded to the artist M. Nurmukhanov;
  • «Best female role» it received A. Kasymova and Z. Baltabaeva.

The greatest value of the drama theater in Kostanai is its repertoire. It includes almost 50 productions. Directors such as J. Khadzhiev, B. Seitmamytuly, S. Karabalin, S. Asylkhan, B. Uzakov worked on the first productions.

The poster of the Kazakh theatre in Kostanai pleases its diversity. Here you will find comedies, dramas and historical works aimed at raising the patriotic spirit. If you want to visit the theater, but you do not really want to go somewhere for tickets, use the service Tiketon. On our website you will find information about the repertoire of the Kazakh Drama Theatre in Kostanay and can immediately buy tickets for the performance you like.


Kostanay Temple of Melpomene

The building was specially built for the Kazakh theatre. The monumental structure delights with its rich decoration both outside and inside. It consists of:

  • two halls for 276 and 50 seats;
  • a rehearsal room;
  • dressing rooms;
  • cafeteria;
  • winter garden.

But these are not his only advantages, he also has serious technical characteristics in the form of a mechanical stage, sound equipment from Electro-Voice, silent electrical appliances and systems for simultaneous speech translation.

All these advanced technologies provide the most comfortable atmosphere for creativity. After all, almost 100 people serve here. Also at Omarov Theatre, there is a studio for training young actors.