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Theater repertoire

Address: Constitution Street of Kazakhstan, 1.

Contact number: 8 715 246 5656.

Петропавловский театр им. Н. Погодина

The Pogodin Regional Russian Drama Theatre in Petropavlovsk is one of the oldest theatres in Kazakhstan. Its origins go back to the distant times of tsarist Russia. The first theatrical season here took place in 1886-1887.

Petropavlovsk Theatre named after N. Pogodin

The Story of the Pogodin Drama Theater

Due to the fact that at the end of the 19th century Petropavlovsk was already a major trade and economic center, not only merchants and traders but also creative people began to come here. The city grew, the number of residents increased, and local actors joined together in a small group under the leadership of A.G. Gorbunov began to give performances. Interest in theatrical art grew and the townspeople actively contributed to the construction of a stone house for the theatre in 1906 by collecting the necessary sum. The productions appeared one after another and with each premiere of the work became deeper and more professional. The directors' favorite works were those of A.N. Ostrovsky.

The situation in the theatre changed radically with the advent of Soviet power. From amateur to full-fledged city theater with new tasks and name. Now it was called "Russian Soviet Theatre", and was headed by N. Sarmatov. The repertoire of the Russian Drama Theatre named after Pogodin included works by both classics: L. Tolstoy, A. Pushkin, A. Chekhov, and contemporaries: N. Pogodin, M. Auezov, S. Mukanov. The Soviet period for the theatre is memorable for such loud productions as:

"Bloody Sunday";
"The Storm and the Moon on the Left";
"The Rails Humming" and "The Wonderful Alloy";
"My Friend."
"Guard of Honor."
"Chokan Valikhanov" and others.
Many famous non-resident artists have performed on his stage - M. Tsarev, A. Aprikosov, E. Kozyreva R. Nifontova, V. Lanova, etc. But the theater troupe did not linger - in all the years of activity, she has toured more than 50 cities.

The epoch of independent Kazakhstan also has appeared rather productive for theatre - it participates in theatrical festivals and takes prize-winning places and diplomas.

Following traditions, the Pogodin Theatre in Petropavlovsk continues to be a concentration of art and creativity today. His team and leaders are not afraid to experiment, try new faces and keep up with the times.

Pogodin Theatre poster

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Петропавловский театр им. Н. Погодина