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Makhambet Utemisov Regional Drama Theatre

Продажи на репертуар театра скоро откроются.

Address: Abaya Street, 8.

Contact number: 8 7122 328861.

Bus stop: Drama Theatre station.

Distance from the station: 100 meters.

Entrance: from Abaya Street.

Parking: ground parking on the right side of the theatre. It is free of charge. Check-in from the side of Abaya Street.

One of the oldest theatres in Kazakhstan - Regional Academic Drama Theatre named after Makhambet Utemisov opened in 1938 on the basis of the club Neftyanik. The backbone of the troupe was formed by talented graduates of the theatre studio and actors of the then disbanded Petropavlovsk theatre.  

The actively started creative life was interrupted by the war that started: all the men of the company were sent to the front. But thanks to the firmness and determination of actresses Sh. Zhumabekova, O. Zhaksybaeva, J. Manapova, and others, the theater did not lose itself and continued to work, keeping the bar high.

The post-war years were marked by the arrival of T. Ergaliyev, G. Umbetov, Sh. Uzgaliev, A. Aitkalieva, R. Akzharova, and K. Imangaliyev. The theatre was growing, its cultural influence and importance in the region were increasing, so in 1975 it was allocated a building in the center of the city, where it is located to this day.

The merit of the theatre to the region was marked by granting it the status of academics in 2018, the year of its 80th anniversary.

The repertoire of the Makhambet Utemisov Regional Academic Drama Theatre

On the stage of the theater, there were staged performances about fishermen and oil workers, about religious fanatics and historical heroes, that is all that meets the spirit of the time. During the whole creative period of the theatre's activity about 400 works of domestic and foreign drama were staged there:

  • "The Tungi Saryn" by M. Auezov;
  • "Botagoz" by S. Mukanov; 
  • "Shuga" by B.Mailin;
  • "Asyl Gendarme" by B. Korkytov;
  • "Isatai Makhambet" by Akinzhanov;
  • "Beibarys" by R. Otarbayeva;
  • "Makhambetin Bir Kuni by S. Nazarbekuly et al.

Today's playbill of the Utemisov Drama Theatre in Atyrau includes productions that have won prizes at various theatrical festivals of national and international level.

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