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Date of Birth
10.01.1997 (27), Kostanay region, Kazakhstan

Real name
Ziruza Tasmagambetova


Zodiac sign

Ziruza has been associated with music since childhood. After moving to the city of Almaty from the capital, she becomes a student at Tchaikovsky College and then at the University of Arts. She has a perfect command of such instruments as the kobyz and the piano.

Ziruza paid attention to herself by making quality covers of famous foreign hits and posted them in her social media accounts. Thus, she was noticed by producer Yerlan Alimov, and in 2017 the country started talking about a girl performing her songs in the genre of q-pop.

Ziruza's songs immediately found an incredible number of fans. This is confirmed by the music videos "Kesh" and "Ayt yendi" which received about 3.5 million views. She was immediately called "Princess of the new style", and in 2017 she won the "Choice of the Year" ceremony, becoming the best performer.

Along with her music career, Ziruza is also filmed. Her roles in Ali and Oz Uim are also in the movies. She was also noticed in the video "91." - "Kaitadan."

Ziruza's personal life

The young artist is now fully engaged in her creative work and prefers not to spread about her own life.