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Yuri Pomerantsev

Yuri Pomerantsev

Date of Birth
11.02.1923, Kyiv
Date of death
22.03.2022 (99)

Zodiac sign

Yuri Borisovich Pomerantsev is one of the most revered creative personalities. A star of the Soviet and Kazakh cinematography, he also became famous as a director, presenting classical plays and contemporary productions.  

Creativity Way

When Yuri was about 15, his family moved from Kyiv to the capital. In Moscow, the news of the Great Patriotic War came. The young man was at war. In one of the fights, he was wounded and treated for a long time. In 1943 he came to his mother, who was evacuated to Alma-Ata.

Being a member of the choir in the opera theatre, Pomerantsev worked as an extra while shooting the historical film "Ivan the Terrible". The young guy was noticed by Natalia Satz, it is her Yuri who considers his chief teacher.

Already at the age of 24, he finds himself on stage. The first role - a joke from "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare.

For many decades, the Almaty Russian Drama Theater. Lermontov Yuri Pomerantsev presented a variety of characters. The performances with his participation are always warmly received by the audience. Having played Abai, he amazed the critics, convincingly transforming into the famous wordsman of Kazakh poetry.

The secret of longevity, according to Yuri Borisovich, who lived more than 90 years, are two components: humanity and creativity.

Yuri Pomerantsev: family life

Close people say that he should not be seen as a fixated person. The fate of the master is not only about work. Jafimovic Hera became the love of all life, after her death Pomeranian closed, not opening his heart to every person.