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Ulugbek Rakhmatullayev

Ulugbek Rakhmatullayev

Date of Birth
29.01.1982 (42), Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Who by a sign of the zodiac

pop singer

Ulugbek Rakhmatullayev is an artist whose popularity is woven from dozens of unusually beautiful, soulful hits and bright movie characters.

Creative Way

It started actively after Ulugbek entered the Institute of Oriental Studies in 1999. That was when he met the composer Farrukh Badalbaev, who was later his mentor, and in 2000 Ulugbek Rakhmatullayev's first song "Bu alam" was published, and later Farrukh wrote a composition "Yorim" especially for him, on which he worked for 9 months.

In 2006 Ulugbek was able to sign a contract with "Panterra", after which he released his debut album "Sevma", consisting of 14 tracks. In total the artist has 3 albums of "Sen Ketding" and "Kapalak", and the most famous singles became:

  • "Apple of Love";
  • "Kirmisi Olma."
  • "Dona-don";
  • "The Soul is Sick" and others.

Then there was a joint concert of Ulugbek Rakhmatulaev and Sanzhar Rakhmiv (with him they are friends to this day) called Yaqinlarimga. It was a weighty confirmation of the celebrity of the artist whose career went "up the hill" even more actively. The awards followed one another and now in his piggy bank the title "Honored Artist of Uzbekistan", the Nihol, M&TVA-2007, and others.

In addition, Rakhmatullayev can also be seen in films. 

He has starred in films:

  • "New Tahir and Zukhra 2";
  • "Nahotki sen";
  • "Voy dod sumalak";
  • "Mind and Heart".

We also recognize Ulugbek outside the homeland. He participates in international music festivals and sings in three languages.

Ulugbek Rakhmatullayev: family life

He got married in 2010.  He doesn't tell much about his relatives, but regularly publishes photos of his children and wife in his account.

Interesting facts

  1. In 2018, the Uzbek Concert withdrew its license.
  2. He sounded on the Uzbek lion Alex in the cartoon Madagascar.
  3. Played in the video clip "Xayolan" by singer Sera.