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The kitchen songs

The kitchen songs

Date of Birth
10.11.1994 (29), Karaganda

Real name
Azamat Syzdykov

Who by a sign of the zodiac

The young performer of The kitchen songs instantly conquered the listeners with tender songs and pleasant clips.

Creative way

Azamat Syzdykov was fond of music from early childhood. The young musician made his debut in 2016 when his track "Aynalaiyn" and a video clip on it were released. Almost immediately after that, he received a call from the organizer of Gakku Fest and said that he wanted to see him on the stage of the festival. The kitchen songs, the concert in front of the ten-thousandth audience was a battle baptism of fire, which he did well.

The kitchen songs fundamentally work without producers, which he said he sometimes regrets. After all, instead of listening to the advice of an experienced man, he has to stuff his own bumps.

Azamat doesn't get attached to one genre: the records of The kitchen songs can be classified as both indie direction and EDM. The singer does not hide that aspires to the western quality of sounding, and some of his compositions are recorded in English, in order to attract the European listener.

The kitchen songs: family life

In one of the interviews, the twenty-two-year-old artist mentioned that his heart is free then gave hope to the army of fans.

Interesting facts

  1. In the video "Ekeumizge baribir" the singer supported the LGBT community by adding a couple of hugging guys to the video.
  2. His first songs were recorded in the kitchen, hence the name The kitchen songs.
  3. One of the popular videos was a victim of plagiarism: Kalys Zhakypov shot the video sequences for "Tap Tattisin".