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Shamshagul Mendiyarova

Shamshagul Mendiyarova

Date of Birth
14.05.1947 (77), Karatalskiy district

Who by the sign of the zodiac


Shamshagul Mendiyarova is a famous actress who impresses the audience with her extraordinary and talented game.

Creative Way

In 1970 she graduated from the theatrical studio of Kazdramma Theatre named after M. Gorky. M. Auezov Kazdram Theatre. In the same year, she entered his work. From the first months, she established herself as a multifaceted actress, able to cope with any, even very complex role. The most memorable performances with Shamshagul Mendiyarova were:

  • "The Legend of the Steppe";
  • "The Sorrow of Mother";
  • "The White Steamship";
  • "The Blind", etc.

In the cinema, Shamshagul also played, but not as much as on stage. Her debut was in the short series "Surzhekei - Angel of Death", which brought her popularity among young people. Then there was "Revenge", "Uljan", "Spring comes to Astana late".

Shamshagul Mendiyarova: Family Life

Because of her constant employment, she spends almost all her time traveling and rehearsing. In interviews she is often asked about her family, to which she only evasively answers and does not want to make their relationship public.


Interesting facts:

  1. In 1996, she received an honorary award "Honored Artist of the RK" for her achievements in the development of film art.
  2. During her activity, she performed more than 60 roles.