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Date of Birth
01.09.1987 (36), Tehran, Iran

Real name
Sevda Alizade

Who by the sign of the zodiac

Sevdaliza - Dutch singer of Iranian origin, which is associated with experiments in music and shocking costumes.

Creative Way

Sevda was born into a family of poets. When the girl was 6, her family emigrated to Holland to the tiny town of Brendrecht. At the local school, the future singer became passionate about basketball and joined first the city team and then the Dutch women's national team. That's how she would have stayed in sports if she hadn't had a serious passion for music.

In 2014 Sevdaliza's first single "Clear Air" was released and a clip on it. Her work began to be compared to Portishead, Bjork, Bat for Lashes and other indie-pop vocalists, but Sevdaliza dedicates her songs more to self-creation and philosophical reflections on life. The most popular of them have become:

  • The most popular of them were: Human;
  • Marilyn Monro;
  • Bluecid;
  • Hubris and others.

Sevdaliza pays great attention to stage choreography. At concerts, with her, there is always a dancer who plays a theatrical performance together with the singer. Of course, all this requires a lot of effort, and here comes a sporting experience: training has had a positive impact on the discipline of the singer, and now it is easy for her to integrate numerous rehearsals in a free creative schedule.

Sevdaliza: family life

The girl doesn't talk about her private life, but in one of her interviews, she mentioned that she wanted to have a baby. Did she have a partner for that, Sevdaliza didn't specify.

Interesting facts

Speaks several languages: Persian, English, Dutch, French, and Portuguese.
The singer performs in bold and quite frank outfits and also takes part in similar photoshoots.
Holds a master's degree in business communications.