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Sayat Merekeuly

Sayat Merekeuly

Date of Birth
10.03.1951 (73), Aksu raion, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Sayat Merekeuly - actor of theater and cinema, who embodied on stage dozens of images.

Creative Way

In 1978 he graduated from the Shchepkin School in Moscow, after which he began to play in various productions. Nine years later he got a job at the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre named after Mukhtar Auezov.

His productions with Sayat Merekeuly have a special atmosphere and energy. All the heroes in his performance are multifaceted and genuine. 

You can enjoy the game of Sayat in productions:

  • "Abai";
  • "Lovers";
  • "Tomiris."
  • "Is there poison not drunk by me?"
  • "The Prayer Rug."
  • "Attila."
  • "The Ascendants of Fujiyama" and 40 other plays.

In 1993, Talgata Temenova invited him to the film project "Love Station" to play the director of the school. The next film was "Sardar", then there were "Report from the camera", "Shaman", "Afalin's Jump", "Adlar Kose", and so on. To this day, a man is invited to films of different genres, where he fits perfectly and quickly.

Sayat Merekeuly: family life

Practically does not spread about personal life. It is known that he was married, however, he tells little about his wife and children. About six months ago, the media reported that he broke up with the other half. Now he lives alone and does not appear in the company of women in public.


Interesting facts:

  1. In 2010 he was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Kazakhstan" for his contribution to the development of the public.
  2. For his achievements, he deserved medals "25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and "For Labor".
  3. During his career, he performed more than fifty roles than proved the universality of his talent.