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Sayat Isembayev

Sayat Isembayev

Date of Birth
14.10.1975 (48), Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Many years have passed since the release of the film "Racketeer", but Sayat Isembayev does not cease to be associated with this film, although in his record since then, more than one decent role has been added.

The creative way

In 1993, Sayat graduated from the Sayat Choreography School. Seleznev School of Choreography in Almaty, where he attended courses on acting. Taking the basics of his profession, Sayat decided to try his hand at the cinema, and after meeting Marat Ibraev, producer and director, his career went up in the "mountain". Sayat's first film is "The Landing Party". His game and expressive appearance were not left unnoticed and soon Sayat received offers to star in "Everyone Will Climb on Golgotha" and "Mother's Crying of Mancurt" (Kyrgyzstan), but made him famous throughout Kazakhstan and beyond, was the role of Sayat in the film by Akan Satayev.

In general, the heroes of Sayat Isembayev are all different, he can be seen on the screens in "major", the bandit, the military, but almost everything has one thing in common - a strong-willed character. As the actor himself says, he does not choose especially such roles, apparently, they "fit" him. He shoots, as well as in full-length films and series, one of the last "Contrary to everything" filmed in 2013. Sayat Isembayev also likes just to watch films, not only to play in them, his favorite genre to watch in horror.

The artist continues to make films, in addition, he actively leads pages in social networks: in the installations, Sayat Isembayev often puts up photos from shooting and rest.


The actor doesn't put his personal life on public display. It is known that he is married and together with his wife they raise their daughters.

Interesting facts:

  1. He likes fishing and boxing.
  2. His creative "piggy bank" has more than 15 works in cinema.