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Sanurzhan Suleimenov

Sanurzhan Suleimenov

Date of Birth
09.04.1998 (26), Almaty, Kazakhstan

Who by the sign of the zodiac; the Aries.

Activities; actor

Sanurzhan Suleimenov is a young actor who has already played in many projects of the national cinema.

Creative Way

Since childhood, he began to engage in creative work and hone his acting skills. At school, he often played in plays. Soon the young man was noticed by local producers. The first project was the film "Ballroom Adventures", which received positive reviews from both viewers and film critics. The next role was the image of a street kid in the second part of "Racketeer". Also, you can watch films with Sanurzhan Suleimenov as follows:


  • "The whole world is at our feet."
  • "Lent 6."
  • "Financier. The Game of Departure";
  • "Wings Gifted by Mother."
  • "Batyr."

Sanurzhan is also active in social networks. He participates in funny videos of major video bloggers, which helps maintain popularity and increase the number of fans.

Sanurzhan Suleimenov: family life

In the interview, he prefers not to talk about such topics and believes that they should remain outside the cells. At social events so far appears only in the company of friends.


Interesting facts:

  1. He is 175 cm tall, so he often selects partners in the frame so that they are below him.
  2. He runs his own group, Vkontakte, which has already recruited 200 people. He regularly goes to meetings with them and communicates live.
  3. Despite his young age, he has already starred in projects of various genres: action movies, comedies, melodramas, etc.