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Rinat Maltsagov

Rinat Maltsagov

Date of Birth
17.06.1988 (36), Pavlodar

By the sign of the zodiac

Singer Rinat Maltsagov became known to the public after the show, but the way to the big stage began long before that.

From the age of 11, Rinat knew exactly what he wanted to be an artist and his mother supported him in this decision. She organized music contests and was looking for sponsors for her son. Rinat's first, the significant achievement was 3rd place in the "Crystal Ringing" contest. Then he won the World of Music competition in Italy, and in 2006 he entered the final of the project. After its completion, Rinat Maltsagov became a member of the "Peppers" band, but after 4 years the band was disbanded and each of its members went in "free swimming".

The results of his solo career were Rinat Maltsagov's hits "Senim", "Let's Keep Silent, Who's Where" in duet with Ner and "Ushamyn". In general, Rinat Maltsganov performs songs of dance genre to "ignite" the listeners, because it is not for nothing that the singer himself is often called "restless" in a good sense.

Rinat Maltsagov also tries his hand at the cinema. At his account roles in the films: "Asel, friends and girlfriends," "Rhythm of the city" and "Jeanne 2". In plans Rinat Maltsagov concert and shooting a new clip.

Personal life

In 2017 he married Sabina Kaliakparova, born Nur-Sultan and participant of "Miss Astana-2011". In 2018, the couple had a son, whom they called Daniel.

Interesting facts

  1. The artist's name does have a soft sign and the correct variant - Maltsagov, but because of the distortion of "Ь" it was lost.