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Razia Khasanova

Razia Khasanova

Date of Birth
11.10.1971 (52), St. Petersburg

Who by the sign of the zodiac

Producer, event-organizer

Razia Khasanova in her life was able to do everything that is written about in motivational books. 

Creative Way

Razia is the founder of the Interius theatre group. Razia Khasanova's extraordinary, deep productions find great resonance with the audience. Spectators can see the productions:

  • "The Lover";
  • "The Other Inch";
  • "The Sand of Hope";
  • "The Firebrand."
  • "Starring."

Her very first creation is "The Lover", and the heaviest production, according to her words - "Fire Baby", where she played the lead role. The performance premiered in November 2017. And now Interius gives performances in Almaty, Atyrau, Nur-Sultan (Astana), Shymkent. And every time it is a full house.


Razia Khasanovs: family life

Born in St. Petersburg. That's where she studied. After studying at university at the age of twenty-five, she decided to return to her homeland, Kazakhstan. Her mother, husband, daughter, and son-in-law support her morally in all her endeavors. And two years ago, she became the grandmother of a little princess.

Interesting facts

  1. Together with the club "Sparta" held a jogging race during which garbage was collected in five parks Nur-Sultana. The project was supported by more than five hundred participants, who collected two tons of unnecessary rubbish during the run.
  2. Razia loves to get up early while most are still in bed, has time to redo a lot of things and goes to the gym.
  3. She has four tattoos on her body and considers it part of the art. She started doing one of them when she was a young man but got to an inexperienced specialist, so she left the salon to do some work. And recently she came to a real master, who was able to create a beautiful composition from an unfinished fragment.