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Raihon Ganieva

Raihon Ganieva

Date of Birth
16.09.1978 (45), Tashkent

Who by a sign of the zodiac

Raihon Ganieva's multifaceted talent is shown both in cinema and music and has been awarded more than 10 prizes.

Creative path

Raihon grew up in a creative atmosphere: her mother Tamara Shakirova - Honored Artist Otabek, her father - actor, great grandfather Nabi - film director, scriptwriter, founder of Uzbek cinema. That is why it is not surprising that having noticed a craving for drawing and singing in her daughter, her parents gave her away from music and art school, which she successfully completed in piano class. That's when Raihon started writing songs.

Participating in the 3rd year of the Institute of World Languages, she organized the group "Hayol". But really the big time began in 2002 when she started performing solo. Almost every song she sang resonated in the hearts of the audience and to this day the annual concerts of Reinhon Ganieva are invariably held with a full house and represent a grand show. Since 2001, Ganieva has released 14 albums.

In parallel with music, her film career has also developed. You can see it in movies:

  • "Leningraders, my children..." (episodic role);
  • "Tohir va Zuhra yangi talqinda";
  • "Kechir";
  • "Gʻaroyib orzular", etc.

She also starred in the Manzura video for the track "Yengilaman". Now Raihon continues to tour actively, delighting fans with new hits.

Raihon Ganieva: Family Life

In 2012, she married Yigitali Mamajanov. In 2014, she had sons Imran and Islam. But the marriage was not long, the couple got divorced already in 2016.

Interesting facts

  1. Sang a duet with Munisa Rizaeva;
  2. grew up without his father, he died in a shooting accident.
  3. In 9th grade, she played under the conductor Zakhid Khaknazarov.