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Rashida Khajieva

Rashida Khajieva

Date of Birth
21.11.1948 (75), Astana, Kazakhstan

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Rashida Khajieva is a talented actress and teacher. She plays in many productions and has visited hundreds of scenes in different cities. Her favorite genres: comedy, drama.

Creative way

In 1972, she graduated with a red diploma from the Shchepkin Moscow School. From this period began her acting career. Rashida has performed at various theatres (Turgai, Dzhezkazgan), and now she works as an actor at the Auezov Theatre, where she also directs the company. Below we list several roles and performances of Rashida Khadzhieva:


  • Kanykei in "Woke up early, thought it over";
  • Kamazhay in "The Big Sister";
  • Nazgul in "Farewell to the Old House";
  • Farida in "An Age without Love."
  • Shafak in "Nights of the Moon's Eclipse."
  • Acklma in "Dibs Getting Married."

Each character is designed by her so much that leaves the audience under the great impression and desire to watch her game again.

Rashida Khadzhieva: Family Life

His private life prefers not to be publicized.


Interesting facts:

  1. She also starred in a movie, played Anelie's mother in the TV series "The Brothers," which was broadcast on TV in 2009. A year later, she performed a stunning role in the TV series "Aynalaiyn". In 2012, she tried on the image of her mother in the TV series "Girlfriends".
  2. In 1987, she was awarded as an Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, for her great contribution to the development of Soviet theatrical art.
  3. In 1972, together with her classmates, she opened the theatre in Arkalyk. In due course, he moved to Zhezkazgan.