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Nurzhan Bazhekenov

Nurzhan Bazhekenov

Date of Birth
16.02.1980 (44), Oskemen

Nurzhan Bazhekenov

Who by a sign of the zodiac

Nurzhan Bazhekenov - young performer, lyric tenor, winner of many awards. No matter what competitions he took part in, he necessarily took high places and received diplomas.

Creative Way

Nurzhan has been fond of music since childhood and devoted a lot of time to it, which has borne fruit - today he is one of the most popular and in-demand performers of the republic.

He received his higher education at the National Conservatory named after Nurzhan. He graduated from the Kurmangazy National Conservatory (2007). He did not stop there and entered the postgraduate course, which he completed two years later. Throughout his studies he showed great efficiency and talent, was the most successful in the class of Professor Esimov, for which he was awarded a Presidential scholarship.

Bazhekenov's concert activity began back in his student years. Since 2004, he sang as a member of the trainee group of the Abai Opera Company. The repertoire included works by Kazakh, Russian and European composers.

Nurzhan Bazhekenov: family life

Married to Venus Alpisbaeva since 2011, 5 years older than his wife. No children yet.

Interesting facts

  1. In 2011 he was sent by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the theater "La Scala", where he learned the subtleties of the great Italian school.
  2. He met his wife as a student.