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Mayra Ilyasova

Mayra Ilyasova

Date of Birth
03.05.1956 (68), Tarbagatai raion

Who by the sign of the zodiac

festival organizer, public figure

Maira Ilyasova more than 30 years on stage, in student studies with the master Kairat Baibosynov. She performs folk songs. She organized several famous youth groups. As the ideological inspirer, she worked on the realization of the retro festival "Altyn dombyra". Besides, she is engaged in charity, during 8 years she saved the lives of seven children who needed expensive treatment.

Creative path

In 1979, she graduated from the Pop and Circus School and was a mentor to Biken Zhilisbaev. After 6 years, she studied in Alma-Ata State Theatre and Art Institute and immediately became a soloist of the ensemble "Sazgen Sazy" in which she toured many cities of the CIS. Today concerts of Mayra Ilyasova as well as before gathering hundreds of fans.

Maira Alimgazhimovna's creative activity is shown not only in music. Under her supervision such projects as "Sagyndyrgan ander ai", "Jean Anam", "Altyn dombra", "Kumis kumey, baton таңдай" have developed.

The performer's repertoire includes over two hundred compositions. She has recorded duets with famous musicians and performers, including Rosa Rymbaeva.

Mayra Ilyasova: family life

The singer has a son, an athlete, grandsons of Aisamiya and Sultanali.

Interesting facts

  1. The owner of 2 prestigious awards, orders - "Kurmet" and "Pasarat", the winner of the award "Altyn Zhurek".
  2. She is the director of her own production center.
  3. She is the Honoured Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 1995.