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Date of Birth
20.04.1995 (29), Vladikavkaz, Russia

Real name
Alan Khadzagarov

Who by horoscope

rapper, musician

Matrang is a young singer who is already receiving prizes for outstanding soul vocals.

Creative path

During his school years, Matrang played in a children's music group and even went to international festivals. Then he became interested in poetry and was fascinated by composing poems. From the age of 15, Alan considered the moon as his talisman and then decided to translate the word into Vietnamese and received the nickname Matrang. The concert, which became his debut for the rapper, took place in Vladikavkaz and gathered about five hundred spectators, which was a great result for a novice musician.

But Matrang became famous later, in 2017, thanks to the online single "Medusa". The song instantly gained popularity among Vkontakte and YouTube users. Soon the track made it to the top 5 of iTunes and the young musician Matrang started talking seriously about it. Representatives of label Gazgolder almost immediately signed a contract with him.

Matrang: Family life

The young performer has no family yet, and there are rumors about his relationship with the girls. According to one of them, the main hit of "Medusa" he wrote for his beloved.

Interesting facts

  1. He couldn't get his own tattoos until he came of age because of his father's ban, but after Matrang turned 18, he got more than a dozen tattoos, many of them in prominent places.
  2. When he showed early records to his institute teacher, she suspected that Matrang was mentally ill and advised him to see a doctor.
  3. The rapper's tracks were nominated twice for the Muz-TV award, but they never won.