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Alseitov Marseille

Alseitov Marseille

Date of Birth
15.01.1980 (44), Bishkek

Zodiac sign


Famous Kazakh singer Marcel, born in Bishkek. He grew up in a creative family: his mother was an Honoured Artist of Theatre and Cinema, and his father was a playwright and Honoured Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Having inherited the talent and passion for creativity from his parents, Marcel trained 9 years in the class of pop vocal at the Kurenkeev School. From an early age, Marcel was a "star" of the school scene, and at eight starred in a real movie. The debut picture for the artist was the fairy tale "Kamtrakan".

A great influence on the formation of Marseille as a musician had the work of "A-Studio" and his relative Adil Chekilov, composer and soloist of the group "Elles". Marcel began to perform at concerts, where he was once noticed by JCS members and invited him to his team. Marcel worked at JCS for a short time, about six months, and then began a solo career.

Marcel drew the attention of the big audience by releasing a video for the song "Snake Girl", and the song "In this life" immediately became a hit. And it is not surprising, because Marcel writes his songs not as if, but always seriously, carefully and painstakingly working on every line and note. 

Marcel was distinguished at the New Wave contest in Jurmala, at the charity project "Christmas tree of wishes" and also at Singer Kazakhstan 2017. The singer plans to perform not only the pop genre but also other areas such as jazz-rock, soul and ethnic music.

Marseille: private life

The singer is married. Together with his wife, they raise their daughter Amelia, who, according to Marcel, is Dad's main fan.