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Date of Birth
25.05.1987 (37), Mangistau region

Real name
Luisa Karinbaeva


Who's on the zodiac sign

Louise Karinbayeva said about herself in 2010, becoming a semifinalist of the X-Factor project. After that, producer Zhomart Mametkarim offered her cooperation, and the singer Louina who sang the song "Moon" appeared on the Kazakh stage. Then, with a rapper from Aktau BigSom they recorded the hit "One". The clip for this song made a real sensation and collected over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Luina likes to work with rappers. She sang ST and Karandash. Their song "Titanic" became a hit both in Kazakhstan and Russia. For several weeks she has been on the biggest charts of both countries and continues to "spin" on famous radio stations.

Luina writes her own songs, but she also likes to record covers of famous world songs.

The popularity and talent of Luina have been confirmed repeatedly. She was chosen twice as "Singer of the Year". At the Femme Style Awards 2014, in Bishkek, she won in the category "Recognition of the Year".

Besides music, Luina is also engaged in business. She opened a Nova Cafe in Almaty and launched the Lui Boom by LUINA clothing brand.

Luina family

Louise was raised by her grandparents. The father of the singer was gone when she was 5 years old, at the same time her mother was missing.
Louisa was getting married twice. The first time at the age of 20, and the second time at 29 for her producer Jomart Mametkarim, with whom they had been living in a civil marriage since 2010. But two years after the proposal was made, the couple broke up and stopped any contact.